About Us

Good things happen when people connect. We build better ways to find, explore and share digital identity data so you can connect with the people who matter most.

Prime Time Research Media Private Limited is a leading global, insight driven media services company that is widely recognized for pioneering and innovative work for its clients. Being an young, dynamic and progressive media services company, we offer comprehensive brand and reputation management, business promotion services, corporate consultancy services, market research and due diligence services. We work with clients across the small to medium business sector, government and corporate sector to provide creative, fully integrated, leading edge brand creation, management and enhancement services. We provide a fresh, dynamic, enthusiastic and innovative approach to market research, brand management and related media services. We work with our clients to establish their brand, grow their business, increase their market share, improve their profile and heighten their success in the market space. With extremely rich experience at its core, the company offers a comprehensive approach that achieves value through deep consumer insights, innovative strategy and solid planning. We are a national company, with global knowledge delivering quality outcomes locally.